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Christoforos Christoforou LTD was established in 1987 as a manufacturing company, specialized on hydraulic press, punching and forming tools. Afterwards on 2005 the company's activities have changed to industrial equipment & machinery supplier. The company can provide all kinds of machinery, tools and consumables for a very wide range of industrial applications with more emphasis on metal structures procedures, food and beverage industries, aluminum workshops etc.
We corporate with the most familiar manufacturers in the world market like GIZELIS, SOITAAB, TAURING GROUP, CROSBY, FMB and many other great suppliers!

Our vision is to provide and support technical solutions in local industry in order Cyprus to become an innovating technological center !
Special offer
A modern misty fan air conditioning system which reduces temperature cleans and perfectly humidifies air. Designed to cool small, medium, and large environments. It combines benefits at reduced costs. Is the perfect value for money solution to both traditional fans, which can only move existing air and traditional air conditioning systems, which have very high purchase and installation cost.

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Cosma Etolou 2., K. Polemidia, 4151 Limassol, Cyprus
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